I have recently been playing around with some songs, most of this can be found over on the website for ‘Spellt Ronge‘ A duo of which I am a part and we have reformed after almost 25 years.

Here you will also find a couple of other little bits I have been doing on my own.

This first one is a cover of Larry Normans ‘Up in Canada’ My first introduction to this song was through my mum’s Cliff Richard collection. I loved the song and have performed it a few times acapella, and so i decided to record a copy in that same style here:

This second one is just a bit of fun, it a cover of a snippit of a Janis Joplin number particularly well known from a car add from a few years ago (maybe quite a few years ago). I have edited to make it about my dream car, a Land Rover series 2a (109 station Wagon if your wondering like this one but right hand drive.)

Hope you enjoyed them, please do take a look at the Spellt Ronge website too.