Collective Worship – The Calm after the Storm


Hi all

Welcome back, here is a new Collective Worship based on the story of Jesus calming of the storm.

Hope you enjoy.

God Bless

Rev Simo

P.S. a brief apology, I didn’t have the mic set quite right I think and so there is a bit of wind noise at times but you can still hear the story alright!

Collective Worship – Jesus always the same


Hello and welcome to the first in a series of Collective Worships for use by schools and individuals as we continue through this lock down.

Fairly near the start of the video I will be lighting a candle as a reminder of Jesus the light of the world, you might like to do the same where you are and keep it burning throughout the session (obviously you should have adult supervision for this!)

After watching the video you might also like to sing or listen to a song. Below the video are links to videos of some of those I have used in Collective Worship in schools over the last few years.

If you’d like to let me know what you think, ask any questions or suggest a bible story you would like me to look at then you can always get in touch.

God bless and I hope you enjoy!

Rev Simo

Here are the links to some songs.
These first three are particularly suited to Key Stage 1:

Ask, Seek, Knock

Lovely Jubbly

Fruit of the Spirit

Theses next two are good for all ages:

My lighthouse

Let it be known

And a couple more probably more suited to Key Stage 2:

Marching on

One Way